Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Xander's demonstration of Athletic abilities

Xander is the one in the black hat!

He tripped over it in the end, hit his head on the mat :(

Awesome fun for the kids, a great way to blow off steam and get rid of energy!

On a side note - had a lovely mummy moment. After Xander tripped on the high jump, Mrs Bird (Dep Principal) told me that the year 2 teachers are fighting over who will have Xander. She said he's such a darling!  I only hope he gets placed for his abilities and not just who fights the hardest :D

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Yellow Fever!

I'm talking about soccer. Wellington Phoenix a-league to be exact!
Saturday saw us driving up to Eden Park to watch the Phoenix play for the first time in Auckland. It was also the first time for us to view them AND be at the park!

Ready with supporter flags, the kids and Alan and I took our seats and prepared for a great evening.

It did not disappoint. The Phoenix didn't win but they drew and it was a great performance.
The kids enjoyed participating in the endless mexican wave that swept the stadium, and joined in on the chanting and hissing and booing!
Bring on Wellington where we will see them on their home pitch!

Kindy Update

Alan and i have been unhappy with Hukanui Kindy since Esmee started - just little things like it taking 4 months for Esmee to learn the teachers names, me as well; they didn't celebrate Esmee's birthday and were unconcerned when i mentioned it - apparently they only do it if you child's birthday falls on a kindy day and not the weekend!; it was going to take forever for her to get into morning sessions, leaving not enough time for her to get used to longer sessions before school in September. The kindy completely excluded the younger kids (afternoon session) from outings which i think is very dumb.
And we didn't feel as though she was being challenged.

So four weeks ago we made a move to Montessori@Flagstaff. Click HERE for more information if interested.
The change in Esmee is amazing! She talks about montessori all the time, is enthusiastic about going and brimming with information when she gets home. It's awesome!
I had been concerned that we were moving her for the wrong reasons - she was happy at Hukanui and had made some lovely little friends. But she is more lively now (if that's possible!) and challenged.

Montessori is a bit different to what we are used to, but their philosophy is sound. Teaching independence and ownership through children selecting their own interests and working on them individually. I can see the benefit of this, but i also think children learn by working together, but it seems to be working well.
Also teaching them patience and turntaking - this one i think is a bit strange! - only 4 children are allowed to sit and eat morning tea at one time.
There is no family corner - ie babies and cots etc - because they believe in real life experiences. They do things like baking and helping set up for morning tea and lunch, but there is no play equipment geared up for this. Not too concerned though 'cos we have that stuff at home!

So, Esmee has had a big change but seems to be thriving. You'll get more updates as the year - and the new one - progresses.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Rock Climbing Party

We took 7 kids to Extreme Edge for Xander's party. It is the first party we have had away from home, and i tell you - this was the easiest party ever! No stress, no mess and i didn't have to tidy up! The kids entertained themselves. Done!

We were very surprised when Esmee didn't climb as much as we had expected. She only when up a little way every time then came back down, refusing to go higher. She climbs trees, right to the top, but wouldn't climb the walls with a harness? Go figure!

Xander had a blast!

Even got to have a battle with dad and his new Bey Blade. Wearing his new Phoenix top from Granny and Grampa.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Early Birthday

Xander will be 6 next week.
We've been trying for months to find someone to teach him first to play the guitar, second the Ukelele with no results, then after a trip to the music shop we tried again for the guitar, and voila!
Someone finally willing to give a kid younger than 7 a chance!

So as an early birthday present....
A half sized guitar to take to his fortnightly lessons at Da Capo Music Centre.

Alan had even learnt a special song for Xander.

And at his first lesson this afternoon the tutor was blown away. Apparently Xander is making the right sounds, and the getting the right chords, first time every time. She said he is incredible!
It feels so nice having someone say that - now i don't feel like i was trying to blow up his musical abilities because i'm biased. And i'm glad we've pushed for the lessons and finally found someone.
The look on Xander's face this afternoon when we left the lesson was a double validation. He is now in his element! (He even requested to be taught to play Party Rock Anthem! But it's not a guitar song, we now have to think of his fav songs for the tutor to try to teach him!)

Happy Birthday Alan!

A bit late but here is the picture of Alan before he blew out his candles! - or should i say, Xander blew them while Alan was inhaling!

Alan took the day off. This is unheard of, he never takes a day off unless he is near to dying! But as Xander had the chicken pox, and Thursday is our busiest afternoon with dancing then wasn't fair for Esmee to miss out on dancing because Xander wasn't allowed out of the house. The solution, Alan took her!
The kids were so excited to give Alan his presents in the morning. His very own Beyblades so he could battle with them - so cute!