Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Early Birthday

Xander will be 6 next week.
We've been trying for months to find someone to teach him first to play the guitar, second the Ukelele with no results, then after a trip to the music shop we tried again for the guitar, and voila!
Someone finally willing to give a kid younger than 7 a chance!

So as an early birthday present....
A half sized guitar to take to his fortnightly lessons at Da Capo Music Centre.

Alan had even learnt a special song for Xander.

And at his first lesson this afternoon the tutor was blown away. Apparently Xander is making the right sounds, and the getting the right chords, first time every time. She said he is incredible!
It feels so nice having someone say that - now i don't feel like i was trying to blow up his musical abilities because i'm biased. And i'm glad we've pushed for the lessons and finally found someone.
The look on Xander's face this afternoon when we left the lesson was a double validation. He is now in his element! (He even requested to be taught to play Party Rock Anthem! But it's not a guitar song, we now have to think of his fav songs for the tutor to try to teach him!)

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