Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kindy Update

Alan and i have been unhappy with Hukanui Kindy since Esmee started - just little things like it taking 4 months for Esmee to learn the teachers names, me as well; they didn't celebrate Esmee's birthday and were unconcerned when i mentioned it - apparently they only do it if you child's birthday falls on a kindy day and not the weekend!; it was going to take forever for her to get into morning sessions, leaving not enough time for her to get used to longer sessions before school in September. The kindy completely excluded the younger kids (afternoon session) from outings which i think is very dumb.
And we didn't feel as though she was being challenged.

So four weeks ago we made a move to Montessori@Flagstaff. Click HERE for more information if interested.
The change in Esmee is amazing! She talks about montessori all the time, is enthusiastic about going and brimming with information when she gets home. It's awesome!
I had been concerned that we were moving her for the wrong reasons - she was happy at Hukanui and had made some lovely little friends. But she is more lively now (if that's possible!) and challenged.

Montessori is a bit different to what we are used to, but their philosophy is sound. Teaching independence and ownership through children selecting their own interests and working on them individually. I can see the benefit of this, but i also think children learn by working together, but it seems to be working well.
Also teaching them patience and turntaking - this one i think is a bit strange! - only 4 children are allowed to sit and eat morning tea at one time.
There is no family corner - ie babies and cots etc - because they believe in real life experiences. They do things like baking and helping set up for morning tea and lunch, but there is no play equipment geared up for this. Not too concerned though 'cos we have that stuff at home!

So, Esmee has had a big change but seems to be thriving. You'll get more updates as the year - and the new one - progresses.

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