Saturday, December 10, 2011

Knitting: A remedy?

On Friday night a week ago while Alan was at a work xmas party, i taught myself to knit courtesy of a few youtube videos.
Tuesday night i finished my scarf!

Knitting is very meditative and relaxing, and all weekend as i clicked away with my wooden needles guess what. NO HEADACHES!
Could i have found a possible way to beat the nasty niggles?

But then Monday night i was in bed at 7 with one, and i think it was because of the close attention i paid to the knitting all weekend - well except for a break in there for xmas shopping.
But i think the key may be to relax more. Not be lazy, but relax whilst having my mind working away at something soothing. And it suits my creative side!

Next project: A lacey scarf for Esmee, and a dragon scale scarf for Xander. Both will have a hood to cover the ears and head during winter!

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Nicole MacDonald said...

Clever you :) I go through stages of knitting... found a partial scarf a few years ago that I'd worked on *lol*