Monday, January 16, 2012


We bought so many test pots of white - i really hate white walls! So we then bought a few cream - heaps better!

We have decided to use Resene Blanc (bottom one!) on our hallway, office, bathroom, toilet, lounge, dining walls, with a feature wall in lounge and down hallway in Resene Mondo. Trims will be done in Resene Napa. Nice effect!

We, well Alan and Xander installed shelves in Xander's wardrobe! Xander's little organisation heart is at peace. Everything now has it's special place and isn't a mess! Yay.

Next walls and applying paint!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas in Wellington

This year (we last year now!) it was our turn to spend Christmas in Wellington - we hadn't been for xmas since the year Xander was born!

For two weeks we spent time with Granny Grampa and Aunty Angelina, eating them out of house and home, messing up the house and creating our usual ruckus! Big thanks to Grampa for making the property dog proof!! (we won't mention that Buster can jump and when there's a cat..well!)

The kids had an awesome time! (so did the grownups!)
Making a gingerbread house.
Making ice cream.
Having baths in the big spa bath
Playing with new friends Bridget and Lachlan
Meeting their third cousins (my cousin's kids!) McKaia, 4, and Grace, 11.
Visiting Granny's helicopter, plane and ambulance
Watching the Phoenix at the Westpac Stadium!
Having a kick at the new turf in Island Bay with Grampa....

Christmas Day was a real treat - lots of family, food and fun!

The kids only got to have 2 of these big baths!

Bridget, 15.

putting together the gingerbread house!

the final product!

making ice-cream. This was done twice, first strawberry, second cherry and choc chip! Delicious job Esmee! 

Treats for Santa

The presents!

Santa's been (yep all the stocking are for the kids!- Except the one behind Esmee, that's Busters!)

Jingle Pup!
Xmas lunch included Uncle Matt as one of the guesta!!

Xmas outfit 1

Xmas outfit 2

late afternoon swim
McKaia, 4, Grace, 11, yay for cousins!

Even our Jingle Pup got spoilt!

Enjoy the photos!

Monday, January 09, 2012

Donkey Farm

This Christmas was the last time Esmee and i joined Happy Feet Playgroup on an outing. The annual Donkey Farm trip is always wonderful and this year, extra special as Santa came for a visit!

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year!

We are in Wellington, will be making part of the drive home to Hamilton tomorrow, stopping in Taupo for the night.
Once i'm home i'll upload photos from our holiday!
Hope you all had lovely Christmas's and are looking forward to an awesome year.

What's on for us in 2012??

I turn 30 this year. Also will continue to play soccer for the Wanderers with the aim to not be the weakest player on the team. I will be completing my ECE degree and finishing up with two very long practicums at the end of the year.
Esmee turns 5 and starts school in September. She is also starting ballet in term 1. Jury is still out about soccer too!
Xander will be continuing with guitar and soccer. Enjoying his second year at school.
Alan and I are resolved to lose lots of weight this year, both aiming for at least 15kg! Lots of encouragement and support is needed!!

Take care!