Thursday, February 23, 2012


Esmee had her first Ballet class last week.
All the little four year olds (there are 16 of them!) lined up and were oh so cute in their Farmers leotards and tutus! Everyone must have gone shopping as pretty much all of them had the same outfit.

First lesson had Esmee running across the floor on tiptoes and learning how to say 'hello' with her feet - learning first position. And having her toes kiss her knees whilst skipping.
Set aside 20-24 November for her first ballet show!

As a bonus, i've got tickets for a mummy - daughter outing to the Angelina Ballerina show on 31 March. I bet Esmee will love it!


Nicole MacDonald said...

Awwwww!!! Wish I could have seen it :)

Anonymous said...

Esmee you look so cute. You never know I may come to your first ballet show in Nov.

Aunt Jenn

subservient-husband said...

OMG, how cute.

Every little girl deserves a princess memory or two.