Saturday, February 11, 2012

Child Not Abducted in Wal-Mart

So on the news i saw a video of a 7 year old girl kick and scream when a man tried to abduct her. He quickly let go when she screamed and kicked!
Good on that little girl for doing the right thing!

That poor mother. I'm sure she is chastising herself for letting her daughter wander the aisles. She shouldn't. Her daughter was doing what anyone had a right to do, browse. And she had the nous to do what needed to be done, and i'm pretty sure Britteny (the child) will stick a bit closer to her mother in the shops, at least for a little while - but if not, at least all know she is quite capable of discerning right from wrong and being vocal about it.

Sure hope that makes abductees pause in future. Kids are loud!
Have a read of what Free Range Kids author, Lenore has to say


Nicole MacDonald said...

Such a brave wee girl and what a horrid situation!

Kerrin said...

agreed, on both accounts! I'd initially be like the mother and not want to let my kids out of my sight, but eventually you just need to let them go! They will stand up for themselves!!

subservient-husband said...

OHG, the fear of one of my two children being taken has to be the greatest. If I ever laid hands on a person trying to, I think I would not be able to stop myself from killing them on the spot. I hope none of us ever have to.


Kerrin said...

yep i totally get that SH! But just as long we don't put our kids in straight jackets or on leashes for the rest of their lives and instead give them abilities to look out for themselves, we are being the best parents!!