Sunday, February 05, 2012

Fun at the Beach!

Xander went with Granny and Grampa off to Whangamata from Monday 23 Jan.
He was a dubious at first but a few days later he was excited to be going by himself!

We arrived on the Friday night to enjoy the long weekend at the beach too. The weather was a bit hit and miss. The first day beautiful, the second windy, the third cloudy then very hot!

The kids had a blast in the waves and sand, and Granny and Grampa enjoyed the time with the kids. There was even a spot of fishing on the wharf which resulted in a tiny fish that was put back to grow bigger :)
Buster had fun making friends and racing along the sand, also leaping through the waves.


subservient-husband said...

did he catch anything?

Kerrin said...

they caught one little fish that they had to put back! But they had a blast!!