Sunday, February 19, 2012


We are lego mad! Xander got a few pieces for Christmas and this seems to have propelled him into the world of Lego, and he's finally taken an interest in all the sets we've stock piled! His favourites are the dump truck and rubbish truck and he tends to pay more attention to the City range and the hero range in the little catalogue.
He spends hours building and re-building his creations and even Esmee has caught the bug. She bought her very own girls set - complete with pink and purple pieces and flowers!

Fun times ahead with all the little pieces. But they are good and build at the table or in their rooms with the door closed, that way our little woofer can't get the bits.


subservient-husband said...

We have two boys. Lego clean up is a bit of an issue, I agree.


my boy's set is large too. They get a set, put it together, and then through the course of time, it breaks down, leaving an increase in inventory. Over time the inventory gets quite large. It doesn't help that we have a Lego store in the mall down the street. They often spend allowance there adding to even more inventory. To add insult to injory, a lego block never breaks. Unlike other toys that break and end up in the garbage eventually, a lego brick is here to stay.

Nicole MacDonald said...

Ooo I used to love playing with Brad's lego :) was fun!