Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Renovations round 3!

Yep, we have started more renovations.

We've bought the paint for the lounge, dining, office and hall and Alan started by removing the toilet door, painting the ceiling, trims and walls.
A new bright toilet room. I think the cream is still a bit white, but seeing as we have bought all the paint i'll just have to live with it!

Alan has put 4 new lights in the kitchen. He was very considerate of making a mess and devised a plastic bag around the drill to minimise clean up! No more shadows over the oven, and i no longer have to shift to let light shine onto the pots!
The light in the dining has been replaced with a halogen too.

We upgraded Esmee's curtains to some beautiful pink ones from Bunnings. What a transformation to her room! They really make the pink pop. I've since added her ballerina wall stickers.

All that's left in her room are to paint the windows, trims and doors! Oh, and build some shelves in the wardrobe like the boys did in Xander's.


Nicole MacDonald said...

Looks fab! Well done, Alan :)

Anonymous said...

Esmee - your bedroom is lovely just for a sweet wee princess.

Love Aunt Jenn

Anonymous said...

Well done Alan, doing a great job.