Thursday, March 01, 2012

Health Update

Yeah, i'm still battling with my headaches.
In fact, the last few weeks have been the worst for a very long time. I did something to my neck on the 1st Feb which has flared up my headaches.
I've been to physio and accupuncture weekly, sometimes more than once and had no relief. Even feel like i've gotten worse!
So off to the Chiropractor on Tuesday and they did xrays of my entire back, muscle and balance tests...i haven't had such a comprehensive body test done ever!

The result: i have a twisted and tilted pelvis - by as much as 11mm (which apparently is huge!) which is twisting and impacting on most of the plates in my spine, particularly lower back, mid back and, you guessed it neck! There is almost no natural curve to my neck, it's pretty straight and immovable. I have a pretty bad sway back and when standing straight my spine is tilted to the left, resulting in one leg longer than the other.
So i've had two adjustments already and i can feel my body twingeing as it adjusts to the changes, maybe even trying to go back to what it's used to. Do you think after all the adjustments it could make me taller?!!!

As a result i've been pretty sore the last few days, even bordered on passing out during Esmee's ballet class yesterday. Alan came home though and picked Xander up from school, took them to guitar and then took me to my chiro appointment.
It's times like these i really wish we were closer to family. I feel like i've dropped so many balls and am really struggling to keep them going. With my diploma having started back last week it's making it even trickier fitting in all the readings and contributions around headaches and just the basic day to day stuff.

Alan is amazing though, picking up most of the slack with the kids and activities and dinner... Just don't look at the house! (not that it's ever been that great but i had been trying until the head flared up)

Esmee had a bit of a throat infection. She's been on antibiotics for the last 8 days and even though the bottle is nearly empty she is still complaining that it is sore. I think it'll be back to the doctor tomorrow for her.
Thankfully Xander and Alan are both well (at least i think they are, neither has said anything to make me believe otherwise!).

Sorry to vent and sound really down. I'm really sick of complaining to Alan because i know my stupid illness is impacting on more than just me, it affects my mood and my actions so therefore the family too :(

Anybody else out there, just struggling to do just the basics each day?

(Cheeky: Anyone available to come live with us for a few weeks and help?!! Only half-joking)


subservient-husband said...

SOOOO sorry. At least they have a good diagnosis so it can now be worked on. Sometimes just getting to that point is tricky.

For the throat thing, sounds like she may be headed for getting her tonsils out. Normally that is what the Dr. will suggest if there is a lot of strep reoccurrence.

Things are pretty good here. When I get sick, my wife can easily stand in with the single parent thing. I go out of town on business sometimes and she foots the load then too. Two working parents is sometimes tricky, but we have been at it for awhile now (over a decade). Hope you guys turn the corner soon.

Kerrin said...
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Kerrin said...

Thanks SH. We are both very lucky to have such awesome partners :)