Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter break in Taupo

(sans Alan who stayed at home to paint the interior!)
The kids and i spent the long weekend in Taupo and we even managed a spot of touristy things too.
The Honey Hive - which the kids liked for about 5 minutes until they got a yummy honey icecream! Followed by the Aratiatia Dam, which was a hit. I guess lots of gushing water has more fascination for kids than a shop full of honey inspired products. LOL!

5-10 mins after!
And of course no trip to Taupo is complete without a cruise on the Lake! And Xander insisted we do a spot of fishing, and we had the bonus of actually catching a delicious Trout!

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Anonymous said...

Well done Xander catching. Hope Grandad cooked it for you before returning to Hamilton.

Aunt Jenn