Monday, April 02, 2012

Girl's Weekend

The boys flew to Wellington on Thursday night to watch the Phoenix kick butt against Sydney (which they did!) and Esmee and I got to spend lots of QT together!

We had homemade pizza on Friday night, then on Saturday morning we got all ready for the Angelina Ballerina's Big Audition show performed by RNZB at Founders Theatre. It was fantastic! A wonderful first time experience for our own little ballerina.

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And, even though i cringed at the price, i couldn't resist purchasing the plush toy as a souvenir for Esmee's memories!

We cuddled up on the couch that evening with burgers and watched a Disney movie.

Sunday morning saw us at more ballet fun at Limelight Dancing where one of the RNZB ballerina's, Hannah ran a workshop for 30 girls (3 classes of 34 mins long, each with 30 girls i believe!). It's easy to find Esmee, she's the one in black! (Her choice which she later complained she should have chosen her pink outfit!!)
This was an awesome way to round off the Ballet experience. Hannah showed the girls some ballet positions, taught them a little dance (watch the video!) and showed them pointe shoes and a gorgeous tutu!
The photos were all taken by Esmee's ballet teacher Mrs Mills who posted them on facebook, and they are better than the photos i took! Enjoy!

Chuffed that she got to sit right next to a real Ballerina!

gorgeous! (Esmee is in the bottom right corner with the french plaits!)
And the dance:

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Nicole MacDonald said...

Awwww! Look at the little ballerina! Welldone Esmee :)