Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Interior Makeover

The kids, the dog and i went to Taupo for the Easter break. Alan stayed at home. He had some helpers (thanks Henny and Dave) and then arrived in Taupo on Monday morning, really early. Would not tell us what had been done and alluded to the need for me to be prepared to do a lot of work. So i geared myself up for painting.
And then i walked through my front door....

Painted in Resene Mondo.
walls are Resene Blanc - a creamy white
the kitchen (one wall of green) apparently there was a paint pot in the garage.

Mondo down the one wall of the hall, behind the fire and in the office.

The only things needed to be done are behind the hallway doors, the inside frame of the kitchen doorway and a few touch ups. Awesome, awesome job my darling husband :D

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subservient-husband said...

very professional looking....