Sunday, April 15, 2012

Seeing the Chiropractor

You know i have been seeing the Chiropractor. Apparently it is good for kids to see a chiro as well, it helps to maintain balance in their nervous system to ensure no or minimal illnesses and problems in later life. Also, your spine houses your central nervous system which is responsible for EVERYTHING in your body. Even being stressed and eating the wrong foods impacts on it!

Well, while i'm seeing the Chiro, the kids are free so i thought, why not?!
Our chiro does scans of the spine and muscle activity whilst seated (so no movement) with a special sensor and also a few muscle tests.
Imagine my horror when i see the kids results!

my results when i first went because of my neck and headaches


So, All the black in Esmee is bad. Pretty much though she has problems with the first bone in the neck, then T1 and 4 (shoulder and rib area) and scarily around her lumber and kidney area - this is consistent with her digestive problems.


Xander has less black but still way more red and everything than i expected! Xander's muscle test revealed that he is weaker down his right side than his left. He has 3 bones in his neck indicating problems, his middle back and his lumbar.

**I do have to wonder how accurate the readings are though, because even seated and trying to sit still kids move a lot! But my chiro did say that problems hide when in young children and show up later (teens). And the patterns on inconsistencies in their readings are similar to mine and i so don't want them to go through what i have!!

my 4 weeks progress scan

And i feel fantastic! From the scans you can see all the central problems have cleared up, my twisted pelvis is corrected and the only thing left really is my neck (It's a bit like untwisting a piece of string, it takes time!). I have had only 1 significant headache in the last 3 weeks (previously it was a few every day!), so i am happy with the results and am positive that it is a good thing for the kids too.

What do you think?


Nicole MacDonald said...

Freaky! Maybe get the kids into basic yoga/pilates - meant to be fab for strengthening the back :) Glad you're feeling better!

subservient-husband said...

I have engaged the health care system more times then I care to account, both for my children and for my wife.

Anytime you do, there is a risk involved. Health care providers are good people, but there are always risks.

I find the biggest challenge sometimes is simply getting the correct diagnosis. I feel as though you have inadvertently done so here with your daughter. Once this hurtle is completed, treatment is often not only easy to accept, but goes quite quickly.

My oldest son had a chronic runny nose to the point that he would be kicked out of day cares, and was on a mulit-cocktail of allergy medicine. Nothing worked and he and us were just learning to live with him having to have his nose wiped 30 times an hour. We got good tissue so his nose would not become irritated and such...

Anyway, it was found when he was four that he had an anatomical blockage from enlarged adenoids. An ENT surgeon took them out and presto, problem solved. It was such a relief.

I guess I am saying, even though it is scary, at least getting the right diagnosis is a big win.


Anonymous said...

Very frightening. I went to Chiro when I was younger so it has probably come from me