Saturday, May 19, 2012

Soccer and Creativity

We had a fantastic time on the soccer field this morning. The Vikings seem to have finally found their groove, were working well as a team, even calling to each other and passing! The icing on the cake was we finally won, and Xander scored 3 goals!
He was pleased to be named Player of the Day too :)

(he has a mouthful of chocolate!)

Then this afternoon i finally took the kids to Splashy's - which is a great little business in Horotiu where you can paint your own ceramics! (see

I've been wanting to take the kids here for the last 12 months or more, and thanks to Grabone's vouchers we finally went. The kids loved it, just like i knew they would. (I had a great time too!) We can't wait to pick up our creations in two weeks time after they have been baked.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Another MIlestone

Esmee piped up in the backseat yesterday that she could tie a bow. We got home and she completely floored me by tying the shoelaces on Xander's old soccer boots!
Then tonight she sat down and tied two pairs of shoes in quick succession!
Wow, i hadn't even realised she was up to that stage, and she is very pleased with herself - she learnt this yesterday at Montessori and last night she also answered an addition problem correct that we'd given to Xander, faster than he answered too!
Unbelievable how quickly she is learning and that things she comes out with because of the fantastic teachers at Montessori! Best thing we did for her :)

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Buster Turns One!

Buster turned one on Friday.
The kids wanted to throw him a party and get him presents, so we bought him a jersey and bone. And instead of a party we played with him and gave him some treats with peanut butter - his fav!