Sunday, July 01, 2012

The last five weeks...

Well, the last five weeks have sped by! I'm so glad that my next practicum is 7 weeks as it gives the kids another chance to get used to the fact that I will be working soon (hopefully!).
They have coped really well the last five weeks, though there were periods of tears and wishing i was home more, like before.
Esmee loved having lunch at Montessori but she was the one to tell me that she missed me. I think Xander only chimed in 'cos he didn't want to feel left out - he only had 30 minutes less each day of my time, so i think it was more that he only had about 20 minutes to play with his friend everyday before i arrived to collect him!

So to celebrate that we are back to normal for term 3, we are having a pajama day tomorrow (first day of the school holidays) and are just going to blob with each other :)

So, over the last month the kids have been busy, as usual. Esmee's had two birthday parties, one at the gym doing bars, beam, jumping etc., and one which featured pony rides and bouncy castles!

She now wants ponies for her birthday o_O !!

We collected our items from Splashy's and they look awesome! We now need to decide where to hang Esmee's heart, Xander is using his money box, and i've already used my heart plate :)

Xander has also lost 2 more teeth! He lost his third one on the soccer field just before the ladies and I played our game. Apparently it got stuck in the net when he was collecting balls!

And the fourth came out two weeks later. After being fed up with it just hanging there and looking very uncomfortable i managed to bribe Xander to let me pull it out. So now he has a huge gap in the front of his smile and the tooth fairy finally got her first tooth for her castle!

Xander finished his French elective being able to count to 20, say hello, goodbye, how are you, a few body parts and knows about things like the Tour De France, French Tennis Open, the Eiffel Tower, Petanque and Croquet.  He's had to much fun learning about a different culture that he's chosen and gotten into You, Me and The World for his next elective. He will be learning about more cultures, flags, food etc and comparing them with his own.
I wish i had electives when i was 6!

So, what have you all been up to?


Nicole MacDonald said...

Sounds busy and FUN! And what is it with mothers wanting to pull their kids teeth ;p is it like popping zits or something >;) I clearly remember my mum trying to persuade me too...

Kerrin said...

he bit into his food and it was just dangling, he said it really hurt but was too afraid to pull it - so i did, it was just about to fall on it's own anyway!!