Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Esmee has her school visits all booked in! This is so scary and exciting all at once.
We now need to buy the uniform (gulp!) and the stationery (i love that part!!).

Xander got Player of the Day this weekend at soccer. Man he plays hard, fights for the ball and has such a good awareness of where he should be and gets there. And he got the only goal of the game ;) (Yep, i'm biased, he's our soccer star!!)

Alan has purchased a scooter with Shane Riseley (Melissa's husband) and they are going to do it up and get it started to race it in Taupo in October. *sigh* I really hope nothing bad happens, but i know they'll have a blast.

This week i'm studying and discussing about important social dimensions in Transition to School. It seems rather ironic as Esmee is starting school this term and i am studying about how to make it a better experience for her!

Our friends from America, Jenna and Andrew went back home last week, and they may not be coming back. We are very sad as they became such good friends in such a short time. But, it means that if we ever go to America (dreams are free) we will have contacts ;)

Hope you are all good.


Janet Stout said...

They're precious children, Kerrin. Go Xander! I would love to see you playing soccer. I was just looking at some old photos of Andrew when he was young and read that he scored the first goal for his soccer team. You'll have to challenge him to a match when you see him again. You all are always welcome to come and visit and stay with us when you come to the USA. :) ~Janet

Kerrin said...

We'll hold you to that Janet :)