Thursday, August 30, 2012

Esmee 1-2

19 days until she's 5!
We had her first school visit yesterday. She wrote her first sentence "i saw hikins" (chickens!) all by herself. When we left she asked why did we only stay for a little while. She is going to have fun at school (we hope!).

Here she is from her first birthday to her second :)

first birthday

and the climbing starts as soon as she can walk!

do you remember that she hated the feeling of grass?!

at 14 months she polished off this huge plate of cabonara

first time in a big bed

her love of puzzles started!

that scary time Esmee had those passing out spells *shudder*

tea, baa sheep?


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Kerrin said...

i can't believe how much she changed in one year! And now she is nearly going to school!