Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The countdown is on!

So next month our little princess is going to be 5. Off to school. *gulp*

Esmee is very excited and we have a chart with numbers so she can cross off the days until she is 5 - though she forgets to cross a number off every night so every few days we have to count on the calendar again!
It is 48 days away - including today and her Birthday. 48!

So i'm going to post a photo from last year's birthday.

Here is a list of things Esmee loved to do, or did in the year between turning 3 and 4.
Esmee loved to dance. She attended Jitterbugs at Te Totara School for the whole year in 2011.
She had a new puppy that she adored!
She attended Hukanui Kindergarten and was interested in soccer and swings and bikes. Art and crafts and weddings were a big thing. Dress ups in pretty dresses and pretending to be Belle or Aurora was the most fun, as was playing with Barbies.
Fairies, Princesses and Baking reigned.
Esmee was a "i will do it girl". Nothing pushover about her. Let's hope this doesn't change and she takes her strong will with her through the rest of her life.

Would anyone like to share some particular events that you remember from our fiesty four-year old?


Nicole MacDonald said...

I remember meeting a very chatty little miss and her brother! Two peas in a pod with their blue eyes and gorgeous hair :)

Kerrin said...

yep, she can be very chatty when she isn't being shy! ;) (oh, the contradictions of being female!)

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos Esmee.

Aunt Jennie XXXX