Friday, September 14, 2012

Last Day at Kindy

On Thursday we went to a friends and celebrate both Esmee and her friend's birthday. They invited each other to their parties but they are on the same day and practically at the same time! We shared a little cake with the two of them.

I thought it was going to be a very sad day leaving Montessori@Flagstaff today. But Esmee was so excited to finally have her turn doing the birthday walk and then starting school on Monday she had no time to be sad.
One of her teachers had a tear or two when she gave Esmee a hug!

Esmee put together her photo board

Starting to set up the Birthday Walk

Walking around the sun the 2nd time then talking about the things she did when she was 2

Esmee's heart cake and the cupcakes for her friends

lighting them!

Well, Esmee isn't looking back and so we are looking forward to a bright future!

on her 2nd visit


Anonymous said...

Esmee you look so cute in your school uniform. All the best for your full first day at school on Mon 17th Sept.

Kerrin said...

She is very excited!!