Thursday, December 20, 2012

Early Christmas

For the last week of my Practicum Alan took the kids to Wellington: it coincided with two Pheonix games on back to back Sundays.
When they came home on the Monday they brought with them Granny and Grandpa.
We had a busy week of shopping, school pickups, going out to dinner to celebrate Henny and Dave's 21st wedding anniversary, yucca cut down and tip trip, picking Angelina up at the airport, Xander had a birthday party, and a combined birthday for Dave and Early Christmas.

Here are the photos :)

beautiful girls in blue!

my girl is stunning in blue!

silly boys!

Happy Anniversary Henny and Dave!
Deboning the lamb for cooking on the bbq

Buster gets the bone
Xmas breakfast

present time

much to Alan's horror, Xander is emerging as a bookworm like his mum ;)

Yummy Christmas/Birthday Dinner

Happy Birthday to you....

Cheers Dave

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