Friday, December 14, 2012

Heigh Ho

Heigh ho, heigh ho, it's off to work i go...

I finished my ECE diploma on Monday, had an interview on Tuesday and today i was offered a contract for the job!
Assuming the contract is up to scratch (Alan will review it) i will be entering the workforce on 21 January! So excited to be finally helping the family financially.
Of course when i told the kids Esmee promptly cried saying she doesn't want me to go to work 'cos she doesn't want to go to after school care! And Xander just went silent with his disapproving sulky face. So cute. But after i explained the benefits, there was a slight lift in spirits.
After their week off in Wellington and this week of school wind up they are very tired.
Hopefully they will be as excited as Alan and I when they see the benefits - maybe a holiday next year!


subservient-husband said...


We have been a duel income family since the start. Our kids did well in aftercare / daycare. The first day at a new place is tough, both on the child and the parent. It hurts to leave a child in the care of someone else and then go to work. It fades pretty fast though.

I found that the children being apart of day-care / after care for the entirety of their growing up has made them very sociable. Either of our two sons can walk up to a group of their peers and quickly adapt and participate with good manners. They are both well behaved too since they have had a lot of practice at what is good peer pressure and what is bad.

There are advantages and disadvantages to a duel income household. The change in the standard of living is a big positive. The children spending time in group settings too. Down side is the parents need to divide the domestic responsibilities. Since both are working, it can not be expected that one parent will also do all the domestic chores (cooking, cleaning, laundry). When women use to do this (work and all the domestic chores) they were known as "second shift" mothers since they came home to work their second shift after having worked a full day.

Anyway. Congratulations on completing your degree and landing a job so quickly.


I am excited for you.



Kerrin said...

Thank you SH
I am going to sit down with my family a week or two before my job starts and have the shared domestic responsibilities talk. 'Cos i am not doing it all!