Thursday, December 26, 2013

The things they say...

Earlier this month, Alan was out with Xander.
Xander as usual talked non-stop.
Alan mentioned that Xander talked a lot.
Xander said I know.
Alan asked why?
Xander replied.....

That he had too many thoughts in his head, so he had to say them out loud so there was room for more!!

I wonder what he will say next? Or will be Esmee that comes out with a mind boggling sentence??

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

November and December 2013

This time of year is super busy with preparations for Christmas and the end of school.

Xander ran in the Round the Bridges 2km kids race representing Hukanui School. He came 35th with a time of 9 minutes and 27 seconds - much faster than his training times!

Esmee got a new haircut - quite dramatic


The kids have been busy with swimming and Xander has been practicing Christmas songs on an electric guitar to play at my Toddlers Christmas party - he was awesome! They even got a gift from Santa Claus.

The kids finished school on a high - both doing well academically and extra-curricularly. Esmee is going to miss Mrs Ward but has a new teacher to get to know along with a new class.
Xander is in the same class next year but with a different teacher.

The kids had their athletics days and i was lucky to go and see both!

Will post again after Christmas xx

Thursday, November 14, 2013

October 2013

I have been the worst blogger this year (also photo taker!). It's hard to keep on to it with work and after school activities.
I've decided it would be best to try for an update each month. Hope you don't mind :-)

So, October. Hmm where to start?

Oh, Esmee placed third in the writing competition! The judge was so impressed with her creativity and imagination. She has certainly done better than her writer mum - I've never won anything or placed anywhere for my writing!

The finalists (Juniors)
Receiving her 3rd place certificate from the judge,
who is Talia, her old teacher from The Kids Club!

While the kids stayed with Nanna, Grandad and Aunty Jenny in Taupo for the school holidays Alan and I had a lovely night in Rotorua. The Motel had a huge spa bath!

Xander has started guitar again and seems to be taking back to it rather quickly.
He has moved up to the school Ukelele group, the Hukaleles, as he had surpassed his previous classes. He told us he was bored so we encouraged him to tell his teacher he wanted more challenge.

We have bought a small sail boat, called Roofless, with the intention to learn to sail as a family. A few years ago we had bought some plans to build this type of boat.

We had a look at a club in Te  Awamutu and the kids got a turn on someone's boat!  Now we need to have lessons...

Finally, Alan had his birthday and we gifted him with a fish tank and tropical fish!

And because i totally missed telling everyone - we had a bob cat come and dig up the backyard and then had new grass laid in September! Nice new grass for summer :)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy Birthday

I am in denial. It seems so wrong that Xander is 8 already!
He celebrated with a party yesterday and we took his friends mini golfing thanks to the gorgeous weather! And then we had a BBQ at our neighbours and lit some fireworks! A fantastic way to celebrate Xander's last day of being 7.

After opening his presents from us, Xander celebrated his actual birthday by going to another child's party this morning doing bowling and laser strike. So lucky!

Then of course we took him out for dinner to his favourite restaurant - Flying Burrito Brothers. He ate two mains! I knew the day was coming when we'd have to order for him from the adults menu, but i had hoped it wouldn't be until he was 10!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Busy successful Children!

Our children have worked so hard this term at school.

Xander received the class award for Reading for the term.

His ukelele teacher told Alan that in his 12 years of being involved with children in music Xander is the best he has ever seen - his ability to pick up chords etc fast, his enthusiasm, all make him an excellent musician. We are trying now to get him back into guitar.

Esmee's teacher speaks nothing but praise over Esmee's abilities and talents. Mrs Ward entered her into a school writing competition and yesterday at assembly we found out she has reached the finals!

She is so proud of herself!
Here is her story:

The Silly Bee by Esmee Hearfield, age 5 (she hadn't turned six yet!)

There was a silly bee, who flew into Room 19. It could not find a way out. A small girl came in and saw the bee and she let the bee out.
It found a gully of flowers. They were pink and purple, orange, red and other colours of the rainbow as well.
Oh no! He got stuck in a purple flower.
He found a door inside the flower. He went through the door. It locked behind him. He tried to open it but he couldn't open it.
He found heaps of doors. At the last door he saw a hole in the leaf but there were spider webs and there were spiders on it.
He got stuck in the cobweb. The spiders were helpful. They had claws. They cut the webs and the bee flew out of the flower.
He said "i'm free i'm free."
The bee flew home.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Esmee is 6!

We had a party at Extreme Edge rock climbing. And a had a rainbow birthday cake!

On her birthday she went to school armed with cupcakes for the class, we went for hot chocolate and cake after school and had nachoes and carrot cake for dinner.
Fun times being 6!!

Friday, July 19, 2013


So, it is cold. Well duh, it's Winter!
But our house is quite cold and our underfloor insulation isn't cutting it. We bandied about with ways to make our house warmer. Heat pump? No, all that lovely heat will just seep out of all the windows and un-insulated walls, costing us more than it should.
Insulating the walls? - too much work.
Carpet? But i love my wood floors!! Ok, carpet will make the house warmer and i can keep the kitchen and dining room the lovely wood floors.

So,  new carpet is being laid next Friday!

But before that, we had to paint skirting boards so we don't get new carpet ruined. So, why not do the master bedroom while we're at it?
So we have!
Moved all the beds out, the kids are bunking together in Xander's room so we finished Esmee's windows.

Then we moved into Esmee's room while we did up ours.

New wide coving, painted windows, and a lovely purple feature wall!

Next week we are taking the kids to Taupo and will gut the house ready for the carpet on Friday.

Friday, July 12, 2013


Esmee got an award today at the end of term assembly.  Her teacher was so impressed with her improvement since term 1, she got the class Maths achievement award! !!

So proud of Esmee. She is also achieving above expectation for reading and writing too.

We need to wait until next term for Xander's conference. His teacher was sick :(

Monday, June 17, 2013

Super Mum!

At work we had a birthday party for me and my work mate.
We got all the kids (and encouraged the teachers too!) to dress up. We were super heroes!

It was an awesome day!!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Player of the Day

Our new little soccer star got player of the day last game :)
She is doing so well!!

And this weekend i finally get to watch Xander play too - they are on the same field at different times this week. Yay!

Thursday, June 06, 2013


Xander got player of the day at his last game. Could we have gotten a more excited boy?!

Alan says he is playing so different to last year - he is so not afraid to get in and tackle for the ball, is actually being a bit of a bully on the field!!
At least we know he is willing to do what it takes to get the ball, but we will be tempering just how he goes about it. He's not intentionally hurting anyone, just doing things like holding the opponents arm. Clean bully stuff, but stuff Alan is jumping on quickly before they become habits!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Soccer, Soccer, Soccer

The season has started for the kids.
I think Alan and I were more nervous/excited than the kids this morning!
Don't they look great in their uniforms:

Of course they both played at the same time on different fields!

Esmee scored her first goal and played 3 awesome games. Each game was 12 minutes long.
It's a new junior framework aimed at getting every child gaining maximum touches with the ball.

It was fun :)

Hopefully next week i'll get to watch Xander too!

Star of the Week

Xander was stoked to be awarded Star of the Week for his class, yesterday at assembly.

He got it for writing chapter books during the school holidays! - Mr Mossop (the Principal) was suitably impressed and asked him what it was about, how many chapters and will be get it published!

Xander's answers: Zac Power, 10 and yes.

Following in his mum's footsteps!

(oh dear, i've just realised i didn't get a photo of Esmee last term when she got Star of the Week!)


Xander was so lucky on Wednesday. He travelled with his Elective class to Hobbiton!

Xander's photos:

He took a camera with him but forgot to take it when they walked around the Hobbit holes. They got to sit in the Green Dragon (the pub) and drink ginger beer, as well as walk through a hobbit hole - it apparently had no furniture or anything.

He tells me there is a huge oak tree that is fake because when Peter Jackson and crew were looking for a lake with a big tree, they loved Matamata but it didn't have a tree - so they made one. Xander reckons it looks 1000 years old.

Wish i could have gone but at $10 per person they had an overwhelming response of adult help as you can well imagine!

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Our New Car!

We have just purchased our second car.
With soccer season for the kids starting next Saturday we knew we would need another car as the kids were bound to play at the same time on separate fields. And they are!

Also with the winter rain coming we didn't want the kids to be walking to after school care AND home in the rain.


We brought home our Toyota Passo today!

It has a handbrake which is beside the foot brake! We test drove a cars with this and discovered they aren't as silly as we had initially thought.
Alan is stoked with his first car. He traded in his motorbike which he's had for 11 years!

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Tooth number 6

Xander lost his 6th tooth last thursday.
It had popped up quite high and he couldn't bite down as it was in the way of his front teeth. I tried to pull it but it was too stuck.
At lunch though, when he had cocktail fell out!

I really don't want to think about it, but Esmee must be close to a wiggly tooth!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


So, today i officially graduated with my Diploma of Teaching (ECE).
It was so nice to have my family and mum there to celebrate with me!

We finished the morning/afternoon off with lunch at The Cook and relaxing at home.

This is my second graduation - first was for my Bachelor of Arts. Do you think this will be the last time graduate?