Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Water, Water, Everywhere!!

We finally put the slip and slide up this summer. The kids loved it!

I don't remember having bruises or scratches after doing this as a kid, but the kids certainly had a few!

Then, as they were also doing a bit of swimming at Alan's work pool,

i decided to enroll them in a block course at Hilton Brown - Esmee for confidence and Xander to actually swim, not sink!

Esmee in the purple cap

Well, Esmee just seemed to hit her stride and kept going! From being terrified to put her face in the water to diving to the bottom to pick up dive sticks.
Xander did not like his first day - i think he suddenly realised how hard it was to swim! But by the end of the week he could back and front stroke!

Then they were dropped off in Tokoroa on the Friday straight after swimming and taken the rest of the way to Taupo with Nanna. Had a blast! And they went fishing on the Lake and caught a Trout!

Were so exhausted when they came home on Wednesday.

For those few days without the kids, Alan and I did what we wanted - looked at cars, did shopping without having to worry about hungry and grumpy kids, went out for breakfast for the first time in years, and the Tuesday was our wedding anniversary so we went out for Dinner too!!

Then it was the long weekend before school started, so after repacking the bags we all went over to Whangamata, where there is....

more water!

The kids love the waves and were stoked to be body boarding this year :)

Friday, January 18, 2013

In Memory...

Born on 4 May 2011 was a gorgeous little Jack Russell X Chihuahua puppy, the best looking in the litter (at least, we thought so!).

In July we brought this little guy home!
He was quickly called Buster, though a name for speed probably would have been better suited!
Because he was so little and so cute, Buster sat on our knee, on the couch, was cuddled lots and given lots of kisses.

this soft bed did not last long!

Rascal (the cat) was wary at first, but soon they were playing (wrestling!) daily.

Buster was always cute, often naughty and very sweet. He really did think he was the top dog, despite us working hard to teach him otherwise.
Buster loved to go for walks and even if he'd just been for one, if i put my sneakers on he was raring to go again! He couldn't seem to walk without pulling on the lead for me, though Alan swears he was good for him. Typical.

He taught the kids the value and importance of picking up toys. We have a few around with mankled hands, tooth marks in pegs, eaten up pens, bites in puzzles... It was a good lesson!
He ate his bed, twice! And he ripped a hole in the couch.

Buster would sit when he knew he was going to get a treat, his tail whipping so fast i thought it would turn into a propellor! 

Buster's first Christmas
First birthday. He didn't like the jersey but the kids picked it for him!

He loved to sleep on my bed in the evenings before we went to bed and i'd often find him under the duvet! His enthusiastic kisses in the morning, preceeded by his little bump as he leapt on the bed is something i will always miss.
As is the little shadow that was constantly with me as i walked around the house, hung the washing, sat on the couch and yes, even went to the loo!

My most favourite time with Buster was giving him a bath. He didn't like being in the shower but he knew what came after so suffered through it. As soon as the towel came out the fun began. He would snort and roll and climb on my knee, run around the bathroom, snort and roll some more as i rubbed his little body dry.
Xander misses him sitting or lying in the sunshine by the fence ready for a walk or to tackle his soccer ball. Xander loved how soft and silky Buster's coat was.
Esmee loved his cuddles the most, and his kisses.
Alan misses Buster's company at the BBQ!
I think we all miss the annoying but comforting sound of his bark whenever anyone walked past the gate. At least it gave people pause if they thought to come in!

And the cat, well, she misses the playing. She has become so affectionate and is my new shadow.

On 28 December 2012 at about 4:30pm Buster was hit by a car. On December 31, we made the hard decision to put him to rest.

Our jingle puppy.
The morning of his fatal day.

Home with us.

We love you Buster and will miss you always!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

We've started the year with FUN!

Esmee decided she wanted us to do a play. I was the narrator, Xander the dragon, Alan the handsome Prince, and Esmee Aurora.
Esmee pricking her finger on the spindle!

Prince fighting the dragon

True love's kiss!
 I took the kids for a walk - they rode their bikes and i realised Esmee's seat needed to be higher and so did Xander's. Got home and we decided to give the yellow bike to Esmee and Xander now has the bigger bike that's been in our garage for a while. When our friends came over, we gave them the little blue bike with training wheels for Jackson!

Alan and Xander built a boat, and when we went swimming at the work pool, they tested it out. Success! Now they are going to make some sails.

 With all the lego Esmee has Xander decided to buy her a large board for Xmas so she can create a town. He added his new lego house to it too! So much fun!

And a trip to the park is a very exciting this to do. Who needs a partner on the seesaw? We don't!

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Christmas 2012

Christmas day was a busy one for us this year. We had the morning at home with presents, breakfast, a walk at the dog park where Xander and Buster had a blast running around and Alan and Esmee took a nice stroll through the riverside trees, then we were on the road to Taupo.

Once in Taupo we had a second Christmas with presents, food, songs and more food! The kids were spoilt (as always) and even Buster got lots of tidbits from the dinner table when i wasn't looking!

We had a lovely time in Taupo, thanks Mum and Dad for having us!
Here are the photos i took before the camera battery died. I'll post more when i hear back from people if they took any!

Pancakes and ice cream for breakfast

Buster persevering with the long car trip
Merry Christmas in Taupo

kids wine (sparkling grape juice!)
Xander and Esmee busted out a couple Xmas songs
on the guitar and kazoos!
on one of Busters many many walks we saw some lights

Dec 27, Happy Birthday Nanna!

 We hope you all had a good Christmas, we did and hope to have many more together in the future!