Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Christmas 2012

Christmas day was a busy one for us this year. We had the morning at home with presents, breakfast, a walk at the dog park where Xander and Buster had a blast running around and Alan and Esmee took a nice stroll through the riverside trees, then we were on the road to Taupo.

Once in Taupo we had a second Christmas with presents, food, songs and more food! The kids were spoilt (as always) and even Buster got lots of tidbits from the dinner table when i wasn't looking!

We had a lovely time in Taupo, thanks Mum and Dad for having us!
Here are the photos i took before the camera battery died. I'll post more when i hear back from people if they took any!

Pancakes and ice cream for breakfast

Buster persevering with the long car trip
Merry Christmas in Taupo

kids wine (sparkling grape juice!)
Xander and Esmee busted out a couple Xmas songs
on the guitar and kazoos!
on one of Busters many many walks we saw some lights

Dec 27, Happy Birthday Nanna!

 We hope you all had a good Christmas, we did and hope to have many more together in the future!

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