Friday, January 18, 2013

In Memory...

Born on 4 May 2011 was a gorgeous little Jack Russell X Chihuahua puppy, the best looking in the litter (at least, we thought so!).

In July we brought this little guy home!
He was quickly called Buster, though a name for speed probably would have been better suited!
Because he was so little and so cute, Buster sat on our knee, on the couch, was cuddled lots and given lots of kisses.

this soft bed did not last long!

Rascal (the cat) was wary at first, but soon they were playing (wrestling!) daily.

Buster was always cute, often naughty and very sweet. He really did think he was the top dog, despite us working hard to teach him otherwise.
Buster loved to go for walks and even if he'd just been for one, if i put my sneakers on he was raring to go again! He couldn't seem to walk without pulling on the lead for me, though Alan swears he was good for him. Typical.

He taught the kids the value and importance of picking up toys. We have a few around with mankled hands, tooth marks in pegs, eaten up pens, bites in puzzles... It was a good lesson!
He ate his bed, twice! And he ripped a hole in the couch.

Buster would sit when he knew he was going to get a treat, his tail whipping so fast i thought it would turn into a propellor! 

Buster's first Christmas
First birthday. He didn't like the jersey but the kids picked it for him!

He loved to sleep on my bed in the evenings before we went to bed and i'd often find him under the duvet! His enthusiastic kisses in the morning, preceeded by his little bump as he leapt on the bed is something i will always miss.
As is the little shadow that was constantly with me as i walked around the house, hung the washing, sat on the couch and yes, even went to the loo!

My most favourite time with Buster was giving him a bath. He didn't like being in the shower but he knew what came after so suffered through it. As soon as the towel came out the fun began. He would snort and roll and climb on my knee, run around the bathroom, snort and roll some more as i rubbed his little body dry.
Xander misses him sitting or lying in the sunshine by the fence ready for a walk or to tackle his soccer ball. Xander loved how soft and silky Buster's coat was.
Esmee loved his cuddles the most, and his kisses.
Alan misses Buster's company at the BBQ!
I think we all miss the annoying but comforting sound of his bark whenever anyone walked past the gate. At least it gave people pause if they thought to come in!

And the cat, well, she misses the playing. She has become so affectionate and is my new shadow.

On 28 December 2012 at about 4:30pm Buster was hit by a car. On December 31, we made the hard decision to put him to rest.

Our jingle puppy.
The morning of his fatal day.

Home with us.

We love you Buster and will miss you always!


Nicole MacDonald said...

All teary eyed now :( RIP little Buster, I told Otis to keep an eye on you.

Jenn Quirke said...

RIP Buster. I will treasure our walks at Christmas. You were so good when I took you out.