Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Water, Water, Everywhere!!

We finally put the slip and slide up this summer. The kids loved it!

I don't remember having bruises or scratches after doing this as a kid, but the kids certainly had a few!

Then, as they were also doing a bit of swimming at Alan's work pool,

i decided to enroll them in a block course at Hilton Brown - Esmee for confidence and Xander to actually swim, not sink!

Esmee in the purple cap

Well, Esmee just seemed to hit her stride and kept going! From being terrified to put her face in the water to diving to the bottom to pick up dive sticks.
Xander did not like his first day - i think he suddenly realised how hard it was to swim! But by the end of the week he could back and front stroke!

Then they were dropped off in Tokoroa on the Friday straight after swimming and taken the rest of the way to Taupo with Nanna. Had a blast! And they went fishing on the Lake and caught a Trout!

Were so exhausted when they came home on Wednesday.

For those few days without the kids, Alan and I did what we wanted - looked at cars, did shopping without having to worry about hungry and grumpy kids, went out for breakfast for the first time in years, and the Tuesday was our wedding anniversary so we went out for Dinner too!!

Then it was the long weekend before school started, so after repacking the bags we all went over to Whangamata, where there is....

more water!

The kids love the waves and were stoked to be body boarding this year :)

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