Thursday, January 10, 2013

We've started the year with FUN!

Esmee decided she wanted us to do a play. I was the narrator, Xander the dragon, Alan the handsome Prince, and Esmee Aurora.
Esmee pricking her finger on the spindle!

Prince fighting the dragon

True love's kiss!
 I took the kids for a walk - they rode their bikes and i realised Esmee's seat needed to be higher and so did Xander's. Got home and we decided to give the yellow bike to Esmee and Xander now has the bigger bike that's been in our garage for a while. When our friends came over, we gave them the little blue bike with training wheels for Jackson!

Alan and Xander built a boat, and when we went swimming at the work pool, they tested it out. Success! Now they are going to make some sails.

 With all the lego Esmee has Xander decided to buy her a large board for Xmas so she can create a town. He added his new lego house to it too! So much fun!

And a trip to the park is a very exciting this to do. Who needs a partner on the seesaw? We don't!


Nicole MacDonald said...

Looks like heaps of fun

MUM (Pauline) said...

Great fun. Good to see the kids so happy.

Anonymous said...

A lovely happy family.

Aunt Jennie

Auntie Jennie said...

Xander & Esmee have a lovely few days with Nana & Grandad in Taupo. I'm sure you will have lots of fun and if the lake is calm you will know doubt go out on the boat.

Aunt Jennie said...

My previous message should have read no doubt, not know doubt.