Friday, March 22, 2013

Chef Esmee



Mince tacos with lettuce, cheese, fresh tomatoes and sour cream


Plum Crumble


Esmee received a cook book for her birthday and has been very interested in helping us cook dinner. To date she has been helping with the preparation of dinner, grating cheese and carrots, but not much else.
This time she wanted to do it all - or most of it.
Flicking through the cookbook she chose the above items for dinner. I cut the garlic and helped with the frypan as Esmee was a bit wary of the hot steam (as she should!). She was super excited!

Rubbing the butter into the flour

Sweetening the plum juice

Chopping the almonds

Cooking the mince - the glasses were for cutting the onion to stop the juice getting in her eyes.
She forgot to take them off!

dinner is served

Dessert is ready!

It's delicious!
Thanks for a wonderful meal sweetheart!

Xander has indicated that he wants to cook dinner on Sunday - i wonder what it will be!....


subservient-husband said...

My goodness she is getting big. She is looking like you too.

Aunt Jenn said...

To the beautiful little Chefs Xander & Esnee, your meals look delicious, well done.

Great to hear you are doing so well at School, very proud of you.


Nicole MacDonald said...

Clever girl!

Anonymous said...

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