Wednesday, March 06, 2013

It's been a while

So sorry for not having made a post for about a month. As you know - or should by now! - I have started my first job in my Early Childhood Education career. I am working with a fabulous team educating and caring for toddlers aged 2-3. Only working 29 hours with fridays free, i am still exhausted! The kids have adapted rather well to going to after school care two days a week, and walking to and from school on the walking school bus on Mondays - i think it helps they get to wear hi-vis vests and have a ticket clipped. When it's full they get tickets to either the zoo or the pools!

Alan has been flat out at work but has been balancing this out with soccer training having started in February, and he now plays golf with some work mates on thursday evenings.

Esmee and Xander are doing Hip Hop now on Monday afternoons - they are loving it!! Esmee decided she didn't want to do ballet anymore after watching Xander at his first class so she joined too.
They are both enrolled to play soccer when the season starts and Esmee is hoping for a pink soccer ball 0-O - we shall see...

Xander lost his 5th tooth this morning. He could hardly eat his cereal so i gave his tooth an extra nudge and helped it out. The tooth fairy is coming tonight!

The kids have had swimming this term and are suitable exhausted - though thankfully they have managed to get away with only a sniffle or two, whereas i have a cold/sore throat that won't go away!
Xander had his swim demo today and Esmee has hers tomorrow. Gutted that i can't watch them, but they have taken it really well.

Teacher parent conferences next week...will keep you posted!

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