Saturday, May 11, 2013


Xander was so lucky on Wednesday. He travelled with his Elective class to Hobbiton!

Xander's photos:

He took a camera with him but forgot to take it when they walked around the Hobbit holes. They got to sit in the Green Dragon (the pub) and drink ginger beer, as well as walk through a hobbit hole - it apparently had no furniture or anything.

He tells me there is a huge oak tree that is fake because when Peter Jackson and crew were looking for a lake with a big tree, they loved Matamata but it didn't have a tree - so they made one. Xander reckons it looks 1000 years old.

Wish i could have gone but at $10 per person they had an overwhelming response of adult help as you can well imagine!

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Auntie Jennie said...

Lovely photos Xander.