Friday, July 19, 2013


So, it is cold. Well duh, it's Winter!
But our house is quite cold and our underfloor insulation isn't cutting it. We bandied about with ways to make our house warmer. Heat pump? No, all that lovely heat will just seep out of all the windows and un-insulated walls, costing us more than it should.
Insulating the walls? - too much work.
Carpet? But i love my wood floors!! Ok, carpet will make the house warmer and i can keep the kitchen and dining room the lovely wood floors.

So,  new carpet is being laid next Friday!

But before that, we had to paint skirting boards so we don't get new carpet ruined. So, why not do the master bedroom while we're at it?
So we have!
Moved all the beds out, the kids are bunking together in Xander's room so we finished Esmee's windows.

Then we moved into Esmee's room while we did up ours.

New wide coving, painted windows, and a lovely purple feature wall!

Next week we are taking the kids to Taupo and will gut the house ready for the carpet on Friday.

Friday, July 12, 2013


Esmee got an award today at the end of term assembly.  Her teacher was so impressed with her improvement since term 1, she got the class Maths achievement award! !!

So proud of Esmee. She is also achieving above expectation for reading and writing too.

We need to wait until next term for Xander's conference. His teacher was sick :(