Saturday, September 28, 2013

Busy successful Children!

Our children have worked so hard this term at school.

Xander received the class award for Reading for the term.

His ukelele teacher told Alan that in his 12 years of being involved with children in music Xander is the best he has ever seen - his ability to pick up chords etc fast, his enthusiasm, all make him an excellent musician. We are trying now to get him back into guitar.

Esmee's teacher speaks nothing but praise over Esmee's abilities and talents. Mrs Ward entered her into a school writing competition and yesterday at assembly we found out she has reached the finals!

She is so proud of herself!
Here is her story:

The Silly Bee by Esmee Hearfield, age 5 (she hadn't turned six yet!)

There was a silly bee, who flew into Room 19. It could not find a way out. A small girl came in and saw the bee and she let the bee out.
It found a gully of flowers. They were pink and purple, orange, red and other colours of the rainbow as well.
Oh no! He got stuck in a purple flower.
He found a door inside the flower. He went through the door. It locked behind him. He tried to open it but he couldn't open it.
He found heaps of doors. At the last door he saw a hole in the leaf but there were spider webs and there were spiders on it.
He got stuck in the cobweb. The spiders were helpful. They had claws. They cut the webs and the bee flew out of the flower.
He said "i'm free i'm free."
The bee flew home.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Esmee is 6!

We had a party at Extreme Edge rock climbing. And a had a rainbow birthday cake!

On her birthday she went to school armed with cupcakes for the class, we went for hot chocolate and cake after school and had nachoes and carrot cake for dinner.
Fun times being 6!!