Thursday, November 14, 2013

October 2013

I have been the worst blogger this year (also photo taker!). It's hard to keep on to it with work and after school activities.
I've decided it would be best to try for an update each month. Hope you don't mind :-)

So, October. Hmm where to start?

Oh, Esmee placed third in the writing competition! The judge was so impressed with her creativity and imagination. She has certainly done better than her writer mum - I've never won anything or placed anywhere for my writing!

The finalists (Juniors)
Receiving her 3rd place certificate from the judge,
who is Talia, her old teacher from The Kids Club!

While the kids stayed with Nanna, Grandad and Aunty Jenny in Taupo for the school holidays Alan and I had a lovely night in Rotorua. The Motel had a huge spa bath!

Xander has started guitar again and seems to be taking back to it rather quickly.
He has moved up to the school Ukelele group, the Hukaleles, as he had surpassed his previous classes. He told us he was bored so we encouraged him to tell his teacher he wanted more challenge.

We have bought a small sail boat, called Roofless, with the intention to learn to sail as a family. A few years ago we had bought some plans to build this type of boat.

We had a look at a club in Te  Awamutu and the kids got a turn on someone's boat!  Now we need to have lessons...

Finally, Alan had his birthday and we gifted him with a fish tank and tropical fish!

And because i totally missed telling everyone - we had a bob cat come and dig up the backyard and then had new grass laid in September! Nice new grass for summer :)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy Birthday

I am in denial. It seems so wrong that Xander is 8 already!
He celebrated with a party yesterday and we took his friends mini golfing thanks to the gorgeous weather! And then we had a BBQ at our neighbours and lit some fireworks! A fantastic way to celebrate Xander's last day of being 7.

After opening his presents from us, Xander celebrated his actual birthday by going to another child's party this morning doing bowling and laser strike. So lucky!

Then of course we took him out for dinner to his favourite restaurant - Flying Burrito Brothers. He ate two mains! I knew the day was coming when we'd have to order for him from the adults menu, but i had hoped it wouldn't be until he was 10!