Sunday, February 02, 2014

January 2014

Happy 2014!!
It's a new year and already the first month has flown by.

The kids saw the end of December in Wellington with Granny, Granpa and Aunty Angelina, then travelled with them home for Christmas. It started off with a party for Dave. Happy Birthday, Dave! They did fun things like going to the zoo, a day shopping and movies with Aunty Angelina.

We spent New Years Eve at the beach in Whangamata and came home and stayed up until midnight - the kids made it too!
On New Year's day we went to the dog park and scattered half of Buster's ashes in the river and around the park to commemorate his 1 year anniversary.

This month Xander and Esmee have had a blast in Taupo with Nanna and Grandad for a week where they did lots of fun things: mini golf and riding go carts at the Big Rock Fun Park, swimming in the lake, McD's for lunch, paddling pool in the back yard, bbqs and more!

And then they had two weeks of fun with Dad as he was on leave. They went swimming, shopping, played Xbox, went to Inflatable land, bought new school bags and lunch boxes.

Xander lost his seventh tooth. Esmee is gutted that all her teeth are still solidly in place.

This month we launched Roofless our little firebug yacht in Taupo with great success: no capsizing! The following weekend we did it again with a stronger wind. We set up a gazebo on the beach and had a picnic. Grandad brought his boat and anchored in shore.

While i was at work Alan and the kids got busy with preparations for painting the bathroom. I had a surprise when i came home - i had no idea what the colour would be! It is Resene Hurricane.

And now school has started for the new year. I look forward to seeing what the academic year brings for our children and what pursuits they decide to tackle in other areas.
We are off to Melbourne and to see Trevor and Lynette in April - our first Family Holiday!!