Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Fun February 2014

Another busy month - it seems they are never anything but anymore.

We started February off with a bit of fun - Rainbow's End! I haven't been since i was probably Esmee's age. Of course we went on the Pirate ship - and Esmee did exactly what i did when i first went. Turned pale and cried and wanted to get off. So we spent about an hour after that in the kids section and Xander and Esmee had a blast riding all the little rides - roller coaster, free fall, flying machine, carousal. It was fun.
We took the kids on the log ride - much to Esmee's horror and Xander rode the big roller coaster with Alan. Alan said Xander's face had been pale during the ride, he said it was real fun but didn't want to ride it a second time. He gushed about it afterwards though.
We saw a Phoenix game that night too!

The kids have been continuing with swimming and Esmee has just gone from level to level and is catching up fast to Xander, much to his horror.
Xander just came first in his two races at swimming sports today!

Xander has continued with Guitar though he has gone through another teacher and is now on number 3, a local musician named Coral who plays guitar and sings professionally. They seem to be gelling really well. Here is a link to check her out :

 Two weeks into the school year and Xander and I were off on the year 4 Raglan Camp.

Two days, one night away as a parent helper...exhausting but so much fun! All the kids there learnt a lot about themselves, their friends and a few, their parents. It was weird because i only saw Xander at meal times or when our groups were on the same activity. The parent helpers were leaders of groups not containing their child - to avoid clinginess, tears etc and it really worked. BMXing, Flying Fox, confidence course, low ropes, Beach Exploration (with a huge walk at the end!), Swimming, a concert...phew everyone was exhausted from all the activities.

Esmee got to have some quality dad time and of course, went out for dinner!

We are closer to our holiday: Our shiny new passports arrived, so it's official - we are going on holiday! Most everything is sorted apart from travel insurance and some small travel arrangements and of course saving spending money!! But Melbourne here we come!

Our nephew Diesel is one now and Xander and Esmee are enjoying being able to play with him more, and he seems to be thriving on the attention.

Catch up soon for March news :)
But don't forget to comment and let us know what you have been up to!

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