Sunday, April 20, 2014


We were back for one day then on Thursday the kids went to school, i went to work and Alan got to stay home.
I picked the kids up from school and discovered Xander had received the term award for his class for Reading. He really is taking after me, my little bookworm!

Now it's two weeks of school holidays starting with the chocolatey goodness that is Easter.
The kids are staying home with Alan for the next week and then after Grandad's party next weekend they will stay with Nanna and Grandad in Taupo.

I have now finished working in Pukeko room with the toddlers and will start a new adventure with the kindy aged kids in Piwaiwaka room in a couple weeks.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Melbourne 2014

Melbourne here we come!!!
We had such a great time, seeing all the sights, exploring hidden gems in the city, Sealife Aquarium, visiting Trevor and Lynette in Warrnambool and lots of shopping!

8:30am on board and ready to fly, we'd been up since 3am!

our 2nd mode of transportation, 1st was our feet

Alan and Xander finding bargains at the Victoria Market

rest time

at the Aquarium

look at the sharks!

girls night

Esmee lost her first tooth!

look at some of the hidden gems in the lanes and arcades in the city!

"Apples" at Pa's house

navigating around the poop at Tower Hill nature reserve


Echidna (so cute!)


bats at a the botanical gardens in warrnambool *shudder*

noisy cockatoos at the gardens

sight seeing

down time

laughs and giggles with grandkids

Pa and his Princess :)

making our own animation

last dinner in Melbourne

This was a great first family trip - I wonder where we will go next?

Friday, April 18, 2014

March 2014

This month Xander and I competed at the XRace Hamilton. A series of challenges we had to do together like: a painting, putting together a lego car with no instructions, walking 300m in a pool, naming the artist of songs, blindfold leader etc. It was so much fun!

Esmee finally has a few wiggly teeth and is excited for them to fall out.

The kids had great school reports, both doing exceptionally well in all areas :)

Esmee and I went to a cupcake decorating evening with the social club at work. Pam was the supplier and we had a great time!

Getting ready for our trip to Melbourne and Warrnambool next month we got to see Balloons over Waikato first!

Next post will update you on our holiday when we get back!!