Monday, June 30, 2014

Jolly June 2014

June, the first official month of Winter and the best month of the year - it is my birthday month afterall!

Esmee lost her fourth tooth in the second week of this month - the gap is now huge and she delights in sticking her tongue through it!

Winter has arrived and with it the homey and comforting and wintery things like crockpot dinners, the fire, rainy days at soccer (though luckily they have been few!), and raincoats and gumboots.

To help keep the sanity at work I have encouraged parents to bring gumboots and raincoats for the kids so we can still play and run outside - 25+ 3 yo's drive you nuts when we're all cooped up indoors. In the Piwaiwaka (Fantail) Room at work, we have a budgie called Caspar and a guinea pig called Mills. I took the budgie home and Rascal loved watching him and listening to his funny noises (i think he snores!).
I pushed for Mills to have a little friend, because apparently guinea pigs do better in groups so my team leader bought him one. He is tiny and fast and the kids dubbed him Fireman Sam but we call him Sam.

The kids electives wound to a close. Xander took a lot of boxes and cardboard one week to create a rocket ship...
This is the result he and a few others produced!

Esmee's art from her elective:

Alan's new job started last week and so far, from what i've heard it's going well.

I had my birthday and joined our musical kids by getting a Ukelele! I practiced and played at my work Matariki evening, it was scary and fun.

Xander is practicing Ukelele songs for being filmed on MishMash TV. Apparently this is a school tv show... I'll update you when i know more! (i tried to insert a video of Xander playing I See Fire on his guitar but it isn't working - i'll try get it up another day!)

The local police station had an open day so i took the kids for a look-see. Xander desperately wanted to see the cells. Both kids have made mention prior to this visit that they would like to be Police Officers someday... I'm sure they will change their minds many times before they choose their careers :)

Xander finally got player of the day for great defence and determination :)

This last weekend Xander and his team played in a soccer competition and won their division! So stoked!!

Next month we have exciting things coming up:

* Nanna is coming to stay for a few days to collect the kids from school as with school conferences school closes at 1:30, and it i have means for the kids to not be at after school care for more than necessary, then i will do my utmost to see they don't :)

* School conferences: we'll see what our bright kids are challenged with and achieving for the next half year.

* I'm taking a week off work to spend with the kids during school holidays - my first whole week in a long time with the just the kids :)

* Esmee and I are going to see Disney on Ice here in Hamilton, while the boys go to Wellington to watch the soccer and see Aunty Angelina's new house.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Mad May 2014

It truly has felt a bit mad the last month.

Esmee lost tooth number 2.

Shifting from working 4 days to 5 days a week is definitely seeing a toll on me and the family...especially the housework - let's not mention that again except to say the family is being amazing at helping!
But the washing, well, the washing now has two names. "Mount Foldmore" and Mount Washmore" Neither seem to get any smaller before they are piled high again.

May has been a big adjustment for all of us. The kids are in after school care now 5 days a week, though thankfully most days only until 4:30.
Working full time and being a mum and housewife is tricky but I am surviving, just! Alan has taken the load and dropping the kids off to school most mornings, dealing with lost property and talking to teachers etc.

Soccer has started for the season.

Both kids are with Wanderers; Xander 9th grade Vikings and Esmee 7th grade Tigers.
Most weeks we have had both games at the same time or close to, which has meant i have been on the field with Esmee's team while Alan is with Xander's.
Being an on-the-field mum compared to a sideline mum is very different... I now see why Xander and Esmee were nearly always the last kids in their team to get player of the day, the coach does not want to show favourites. Well i broke that rule on game 2, the first one i was reffing/coaching. I made Esmee player of the day after taking a hit to the face with the soccer ball, and after a few tears welling in her eyes, she brushed it off and kept right on playing. Of course i checked with the other sideline parents and they agreed - it felt so good to award it to her for bravery!

Xander is still yet to get player of the day, though both have been playing really well and even scoring a goal or 2 most weeks!
Some action shots:

Esmee has started learning Ukelele at school so now we have two mornings a week to be at school early for lessons/practice. Xander is continuing with his guitar and doing really well.
Esmee has been participating in an Art elective at school, doing lots of different print art - i can't wait to see the finished results when she brings them all home at the end of the 9 weeks.
Xander has been doing the Space elective - learning lots about astronauts in space, the universe and planets and stars etc.

Esmee lost her third tooth!
The gap is growing wider and she is growing up.

Alan is getting ready to start his new job at LIC as a Business Analyst in June.

May has been Mad, i wonder if it will be any less so in June. Ha!
Catch up next month!